For over 15 years, Passionate has been catering events in Melbourne and communities all over the world. By blending exotic spices from unique cultures, our patron’s palates travel to  places they may never tasted in traditional kosher cuisine.

    In the dessert department. Passionate is sure to be a chocolate lover’s dream.  Using only the finest Belgium chocolate to create exceptional non-dairy and mostly gluten-free delectable sweets, many of which are vegan and processed sugar free.

   In December of 2016, head chef David Trakhtman expanded his catering business to house a restaurant.  Passionate features seating in front, and a back courtyard perfect for private parties with seating for up to 50 or 100 standing.

The a la carte menu includes, a variety of worldly fusion dishes from Chinese stir-frys, or yum cha, Malaysian Laksa, Indian Curry, Vietnamese Pho, Korean BBQ ribs and Middle Eastern food like lamb tagine.

All the food is prepared under the supervision of Kosher Australia, and as busy as David is, he comes out of the kitchen from time to time to hear feedback on what part of the dining experience they enjoyed most.

In 2017 after chatting with a couple that complimented his friendly manner, he shared with them that he wished he could find love again, and  meet a woman ambitious enough to take his dreams to the next level.   As luck would have it, the girl had a single friend living in Israel who had hosted some of the biggest kosher events in history including The Guinness World Records Largest Shabbat Dinner.   David invited Shira to be a guest speaker at a special singles Shabbat dinner, and 40 days later,  using the musicians she was jamming with out back, David  proposed to his dream girl in and the   restaurant erupted with happiness.

With tremendous gratitude to the Creator, the Passionate Team strives to treat every guest like family and serve good food with love.